Feature: Visual Art, Kathleen Ho


  • Kathleen Ho, MS2 Indiana University School of Medicine


Kathleen Ho, MS2 showcases her artwork. Works include:

Changing of the Seasons (Oil paint, 8x10" each)

Abyss (Oil on canvas 18 x 20"): I aspire to unite the realms of art and medicine by capturing the awe-inspiring intricacies and captivating beauty of the human eye, a true manifestation of life’s enigmatic wonder

The Inner Garden (Oil Paint 18 x 24”): I began creating this artwork shortly after studying Human Structure, and completed it in April of my first year of medical school. This large-scale project provided me with a much-needed outlet outside of my academic studies, allowing me to focus on something outside of the classroom while still stimulating my creativity and passion. Through this piece, I gained a newfound appreciation for the beauty and colors of nature, and learned the importance of slowing down and taking time to appreciate the simple things in life.

Truncus Arteriosus (Graphite 18 x 24”): I created this piece during our cardiology block, with inspiration from a plant in my room. I found that drawing the anatomy of the heart helped me perceive the dimensionality of the organ, its chambers, and blood flow. I titled the piece after the pathology of truncus arteriosus, the failure of the pulmonary artery and aorta to separate in fetal development. In this drawing, these vessels spiral upwards into the tree trunk, as medicine can help those with this pathology live and grow resiliently.






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