Vol 4, No 1 (1985)


Table of Contents

Front Matter PDF
JTW Staff JTW Staff
Prologue PDF
Ron Strahl 3-6
Writing, Reform and Optimism PDF
Adrienne Y. Bailey 7-18
Using Dialogues to Teach the Interpretive Process PDF
Kathleen W. Lampert 19-30
Expressive Writing: Exercises in a New Progymnasmata PDF
Joseph C. Comprone, Katharine J. Ronald 31-54
Lyric Poems in the Composition Class: A Cognitivist Approach to Course Design PDF
Michael S. Kearns 55-76
Style and Self: The Emergence of Voice PDF
Robert L Root, Jr. 77-86
Improving Peer Response: Collaboration Between Teachers and Students PDF
Sarah Benesch 87-94
Enlisting the Writer's Participation in the Evaluation Process PDF
Jeff Sommers 95-104
The Cloze Procedure: Writing Applications PDF
Jeanette Harris 105-112
Electrifying the Composing Process: Electronic Workspaces and the Teaching of Writing PDF
Olga Howard Fischer, Chester A. Fischer 113-122
Talk to Me PDF
S. Leonard Rubinstein, Robert G. Weaver 123-126
Writing Teachers Can't Write Either PDF
Virginia White Oram 127-130
The Audience of the Composition Text: Teacher or Student? PDF
James E. Porter, Rodney Farnsworth 131-138
Index to Volumes 1-3 of the JTW PDF
Marie Cahill 139-148
Back Matter PDF
JTW Staff JTW Staff 149-153