Book Review: Teaching readers of English: Students, texts, and contexts


  • Waheeb S Albiladi University of Arkansas


TeachingĀ readersĀ of English: Students, texts, and contexts (2nd edition) is a highly informative book related to the teaching of reading skills to English language learners. The book was written by John Hedgcock and Dana Ferris, two of the leading authors and scholars in the field of teacher education, composition studies, writing pedagogy, and second language learning. It extensively and thoughtfully discusses general themes as well as specific concerns surrounding teaching and learning reading in the second language context. There is an obvious emphasis on the importance of reading as a critical skill for language learners. Horwitz (2008) states that in a language learning context, reading is the bridge that facilitates learning other language skills such as speaking, writing, and vocabulary acquisition. Similarly, Nation (2008) mentions that assisting language learners in the development of their reading skills is a crucial step in leading them to refine and master other language competences. Thus, this book provides a theoretical framework and practical implications and guidelines for language researchers, teachers, and learners regarding teaching English reading.






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