Adult English Language Learner Pathway to Literacy Initiative

Getting Learners to the Starting Line


  • Ginger Kosobucki Immigrant Welcome Center
  • Kari Moore Exodus Refugee Immigration



adult ELLs, literacy level learners, LESLLA, Language Experience Approach, Indianapolis


In 2017, Kari Moore of Exodus Refugee Immigration and Ginger Kosobucki of the Immigrant Welcome Center met and discussed the unique needs Kari had noticed in her beginning literacy learners at Exodus. In 2018, Ginger led the Immigrant Welcome Center’s Adult ELL Research Project, which exposed the need for more classes geared for literacy-level learners, as well as more teacher training. In 2020, Kari and Ginger collaborated to lead professional development opportunities for Indianapolis teachers, including ATLAS Study Circles and a 2-day TESOL training with an expert from Literacy Minnesota. Since that time, they have formed a cohort -- the Pathway to Literacy development team -- consisting of teachers from programs around the city. The team has developed a 10-week pilot program, an assessment tool, and a website all designed to more effectively serve the needs of adult immigrants and refugees developing literacy skills for the first time.  The Adult ELL Pathway to Literacy Initiative, a collaborative effort among educators in Indianapolis, is an attempt to provide access to vulnerable learners who have had limited access to educational opportunities. 



2021-07-06 — Updated on 2021-07-06