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Metropolitan Universities accepts both unsolicited manuscripts, as well as articles for specific thematic issues.

Manuscripts should be evidence-based, practical and focused on issues of urban and metropolitan universities and their cities. The readers of the journal (primarily executives, administrators, academic leaders and faculty) value articles that identify innovations and strategies that may be replicable in other campus settings. On occasion, the journal will publish a book review, essay or opinion piece, if the manuscript is well supported by relevant literature and evidence, and is on a topic of high importance to urban and metropolitan universities.

Munscripts are peer reviewed. The review process is not blind and authors will receive feedback from reviewers.

anuscripts will be reviewed on the following criteria:


  • Is the topic and content relevant to our readers (senior administrators mostly but not exclusively), and to the issues and contexts of urban/metropolitan universities?


  • Does the author state the goals and purposes of the article clearly and stay focused on those throughout?
  • Does the author provide the reader the structure of the article and adhere to the structure and flow?
  • Does the author focus on intellectual and/or practice issues, innovations, policies or questions that are contemporary to higher education and relevant to urban and metropolitan universities?

Context of any relevant theory, literature, "best practices"

  • Does the author show an understanding of existing, relevant literature?
  • Does the author provide adequate context for the nature of the problem relevant to the research, practice or process described?
  • Does the work provide new insights, innovations or other progress toward the relevant topic area?

Methods and Evidence

  • If the article is research-oriented, does the author describe the research design and process adequately? Are the methods of inquiry and analysis adequate and appropriate to their exploration of the promised theme, goals or questions, and to the results or findings described?
  • If a case study, program model or practice is described, is there evidence of innovation? Is there evidence of effectiveness through a process of research, evaluation or critical reflection on lessons learned?


  • Does the author achieve the promised purposes or goals of the article?
  • Does the author's work add consequentially to the field (significance)?
  • Does the article offer a sufficiently robust description and analysis to support potential replication?
  • Communication/Dissemination
  • Does the author comply with the journal guidelines and format?
  • Does the author write clearly and logically, presenting information with clarity and integrity?

Reflective Critique

  • Does the author take a critical view of the work including risks, pitfalls, contextual requirements or other factors that would affect replicability?
  • Does the author synthesize information to identify relevance to other institutions?

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.