Retention and Recruitment of Minority Faculty


  • Johnnella Butler University of Washington


Higher Education, Minority Faculty, Diversity, Retention, Recruitment


Efforts to Increase the recruitment and retention of minority faculty all ultimately fall In long-term effects. This Is because they are not shaped within the context of Improving higher education for all, while changing It to be hospitable to and supportive of minorities; and because the academic world falls, and In many Instances refuses, to recognize the Institutional, attitudinal, and scholarly centrality of racism, ethnocentrism, classlsm, sexism, and heterosexlsm. This article, based In the philosophy of curriculum transformation, discusses these failures, offers ten transformatlve commitments and procedures for institutions to adopt, and points to a model for success, not only In recruiting and retaining minority faculty, but also for enhancing the participation of minorities in higher education.