Who Will Be the Regional Planners for the 1990s? The Challenge for the Urban University


  • Robert Wood Wesleyan University


Higher Education, Urban Planning, Urban Universities


An earlier draft of this article was written by the author in his capacity as chair of the Urban Planning Policy Committee, established by the Urban Division of the National Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities. This article is one of a series of policy papers commissioned to develop urban policy alternatives and to make recommendations as to the urban universities' contribution to renewing the national urban policy debate. The other members of the committee who collectively and separately contributed to, critiqued, and reviewed earlier drafts were John DeGrove (Florida Atlantic University), Bernard Frieden and Lynn Sagalyn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Marshall Kaplan (University of Colorado at Denver), Charles Orlebeke (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Hans Spiegel (Hunter College, CUNY). Given their participation and collaboration in fashioning a common analysis, they can be considered co-authors, but Wood is solely responsible for this last version and whatever errors in fact or judgment it may contain.