Experiencing the World Electronically


  • Robert A. Scott Ramapo College
  • Kathleen Sunshine Ramapo College


Higher Education, Multicultural Education, Electronic Education


With the belief that every college graduate should be globally literate with an education based on the liberal arts, Ramapo College incorporated international and multicultural education into its strategic direction in 1985. To implement this mission, Ramapo drew on its distinct strengths and opportunities, which includes f acuity expertise, student backgrounds, and neighboring international /inns. The lofty goals of international education are often beyond the reach of institutions, faculty, and students because of cost and distance. By using electronic means, students can learn about the world beyond the campus and beyond the borders of the United States. Audio conferencing is highly cost-effective, often costing less than a few hundred dollars per hour. Video teleconferencing is much more expensive, but new technologies are reducing the cost of this technology as well. With such tools available, there no longer is any excuse for a college to say that experiencing the world beyond the campus is beyond the reach of students. It now is possible to experience the world-electronically.