Evolution of a Multi-instructional Teaching Center in a Metropolitan University


  • David P. Bell University of Houston System
  • John M. Ivancevich University of Houston
  • Don N. Smith University of Houston-Victoria
  • Molly R. Woods University of Houston-Downtown


Higher Education, Teach Center, Metropolitan Universities,


The University of Houston System (VHS) and its four academic institutions have adopted and utilized a "coopetition" approach in creating a "MultiInstructional Teaching Center" (MITC). The lessons learned in the planning, implementation, and the collaborative/competitive approach in the delivery of educational programs and courses in the Houston metropolitan area have been highly useful educationally, economically, and politically. Their primary impact suggests that citizens, legislators, administrators, faculty, and students can all benefit, without sacrificing quality, if creative collaborative problem-solving takes precedence over a hierarchically-controlled approach.