Women and Philanthropy: The Next Fundraising Frontier


  • M. Ann Abbe Abbe and Associates: Philanthropy Solutions


Higher Education, Private Contributions, Women, Philanthropy, Fundraising


As universities seek to find private contributions from the community, they must tum to an obvious source of income that has been under-asked and undercultivated-women. Historically, women have not provided sacrificial gifts, primarily because they have not been financially or psychologically prepared to do so. Today, however, several forces-education and career choices, business acumen, charitable giving attitudes, wealth and life expectancy-converge to make this the opportune time to solicit women for major gifts. Yet it is not enough to recognize this fact. Universities must create new models of fend-raising strategies that appeal to women. In doing so, universities must also consider generational differences that significantly affect women's decisions to give.