New Revenue Streams and Educational Infrastructure at IUPUI


  • Uday Sukhatme Pace University


Higher Education, Edcuational Infrastructure, Strategic Planning, Educational Funding


Dynamic planning, an approach to steadily put in motion some aspects of a strategic plan, even while the rest of the planning is in progress, has been used successfully over the past five years for implementing the IUPUI Academic Plan. The eleven major strategic initiatives that underlie the academic plan have enhanced the research, teaching, and service missions of the campus. They have generated several substantial new revenue streams, including an increase in state funding. These revenue streams have helped to cushion IUPUI from the current economic downturn and helped build a robust educational infrastructure which has stimulated multidisciplinary research productivity, improved student retention, and increased faculty diversity and enthusiasm. The educational experience has been enhanced via the development of innovative degree programs and the RISE (Research, International, Service and Experiential) initiative.