Transformative Learning


  • Ed Cunliff University of Central Oklahoma
  • Jeff King University of Central Oklahoma



transformative learning

Author Biographies

Ed Cunliff, University of Central Oklahoma

Ed Cunliff is professor of Adult and Higher Education at the University of Central Oklahoma with a consulting practice in transformative learning and authentic leadership. Ed’s seeks to help learners achieve their goals, which he accomplishes through teaching/facilitating learning in the Adult and Higher Education program at the University of Central Oklahoma. Teaching and research interests include adult learners, applied research, transformative learning, managing adult education programs, and the organization and administration of higher education.

Jeff King, University of Central Oklahoma

Jeff King is Executive Director of the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Oklahoma. He also leads the Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) initiative, which is comprised of the processes, tools, and infrastructure UCO employs to operationalize Transformative Learning. As part of his STLR duties, Jeff works with other institutions who have adopted or adapted STLR to their own campuses, missions, and cultures. 


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