Urban Education as Racialized State Violence

What is the Role of Higher Education?

  • Pauline Lipman University of Illinois-Chicago
Keywords: displacement, community, minorities, neoliberalism, school closures, privatization, protest


This address was given as the plenary presentation to the 24th Annual Conference of the Coalition for Urban and Metropolitan Universities, Chicago, Illinois, October 23, 2018.

Author Biography

Pauline Lipman, University of Illinois-Chicago

Pauline Lipman is professor of Educational Policy Studies and director of the Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education. Her teaching, research, and activism grow out of her commitment to social justice and liberation. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on race and class inequality in education, globalization, and political economy of urban education, particularly the inter-relationship of education policy, urban restructuring, and the politics of race. Pauline is a member of the leadership body of Teachers for Social Justice – Chicago and is active in coalitions of teachers and community organizations. She is a co-director of the Data and Democracy Project. She has co-led various collaborations with community organizations to produce policy reports that bring to light educational injustices and community-driven programs to transform urban schools.

Pauline Lipman, Ph.D.
Professor of Educational Policy Studies
Room 1404 ETMSW
University of Illinois at Chicago
1040 W. Harrison St. (M/C 147)
Chicago, IL 60607
Telephone: (312) 413-4413
Email: plipman@uic.edu


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