Introductory Service-Learning Experience: Macau College Students in Ethnic Minority School of Mountain Area in China

  • chinghui Lu University of Macau
  • Ziyan Chen University of Macau
  • Ziyi Yang University of Macau
Keywords: service-learning, poor alleviation, education, residential college


This paper described how university students from Macau took social responsibility in China through Service-Learning project. It was an introductory experience for the student participants and for the children in the mountain area as well. This study aimed at raising children’s interest in learning and their desire of continuing study. Results were reported in four themes: (1) increasing personal competence of teamwork spirits, leadership and service skills; (2) students’ perception towards poverty issue and education in China rural and mountain areas; (3) having commitment to the next service; (4) realizing that Service-Learning must be a mutual process. This paper also provides an overview of how a living-learning community dedicated itself to community service to educate residents holistically.


Author Biographies

chinghui Lu, University of Macau

Ms. Lu received her master degree on Student Affairs of Higher Education in National Taiwan Normal University. She has worked as a resident fellow in University of Macau for more than 5 years. Ms. Lu conducts many leadership and service programs and the Guizhou service-learning project was one of them. Before joining UM, she had worked in National Taiwan University for 7 years.

Ziyan Chen, University of Macau

Ms. Chen is a year-two undergraduate from University of Macau and majors in English education. She wants to become a teacher to help students get a better future. This was her first time doing Service-Learning program as a university student. She was in charge of arts courses on site, and enjoyed the process of teaching and playing with the children.

Ziyi Yang, University of Macau

Ms.Yang is a year-one undergraduate from University of Macau and majors in business administration. She did volunteer service when she was in high school in mainland China. This was her first service-learning program as a university student. She was in charge in Mandarin courses when she was in the service site.


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