AISW Call for papers-Dismantling Racism-Summer 2021


Special Issue, Summer 2021

Dismantling White Supremacy in Social Work Education

Guest Editors:
Charla Yearwood, Indiana University, School of Social Work
Rosemary Barbera, LaSalle University, Department of Social Work
Amy Fisher, University of Mississippi, Department of Social Work
Carol Hostetter, Indiana University, School of Social Work

The need to disrupt White Supremacy within social work education has been receiving greater attention in our professional grass roots movements, gatherings, and literature. We are seeing more recognition of the fact that our institutions are built on a White Supremacist culture that uses the history, labor, and pain of People of Color in order to benefit White people. In accordance with the radical ideals and values of our profession, this special issue seeks contributions from activists, practitioners, educators, and scholars to share the ways they are engaging in work that actively dismantles the systemic racism and oppression created by White Supremacy culture in our system of social work education.

This special issue will help to pave the way for fully embracing and valuing the diversity of our community. We are seeking case studies, viewpoint articles, review or literature review articles, conceptual articles, and empirical research articles covering (but not limited to) the following topics:

•  Educational policies and/or administrative practices that are overtly and/or covertly racist, oppressive, and         inherently supportive of White Supremacy culture;
•  Pedagogical innovations to address White Supremacy;
•  Race and equity in the curriculum;
•  Ways to realign our practices and evaluative processes;
•  Issues of access and privilege;
•  The intersectionality of two or more of the above.

The key contents considered in this issue are ways in which White Supremacy shows up in the academy, along with anti-racist educational policies and practices. Critical perspectives of social work education are encouraged, e.g., confronting White Supremacy in the academy.

Authors should submit a 300-400 word abstract and title page by June 1, 2020. Please indicate the stage of completion of any research. Preference will be given to completed or nearly completed projects. Abstracts and title page should be submitted to Advances in Social Work with a note to the editor “Advances in Social Work—Dismantling Racism”. Selected authors will be invited by June 30, 2020 to submit a full manuscript (20-25 pages) by September 30, 2020. Submitted manuscripts will be anonymously peer-reviewed. Collaboration with students is encouraged. This issue is scheduled to appear in July 2021.

Authors should follow the guidelines for writing articles for Advances in Social Work: 

Deadline for abstracts: June 1, 2020
Editorial decision on abstract: June 30, 2020
Deadline for invited manuscripts: September 30, 2020

For more information, please contact the Guest Editor, Dr. Carol Hostetter ( or Margaret E. Adamek (, Editor, Advances in Social Work. For technical questions, contact Valerie Decker (, Assistant Editor.