Attitudes Toward Same-Gender Adoption and Parenting: An Analysis of Surveys from 16 Countries

  • Darrel Montero Arizona State University
Keywords: Same-gender adoption, same-sex adoption, gay adoption, same-gender parenting


Globally, little progress has been made toward the legalization of same-gender adoption. Of the nearly 200 United Nations members, only 15 countries with populations of 3 million or more have approved LGBT adoption without restrictions. The objectives of this paper are, first, to provide a brief background of the obstacles confronting same-gender adoption including the role of adoption agencies and parenting issues; second, to discuss the current legal status of the 15 countries which have approved same-gender adoption without restrictions; third, to report on recent public opinion regarding the legalization of same-gender adoption and parenting, drawing from previously published surveys conducted in 16 countries; and, fourth, to explore the implications for social work practice including social advocacy and social policy implementation.

Author Biography

Darrel Montero, Arizona State University
Darrel Montero, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work at Arizona State University in Phoenix