Addressing Sexual Minority Issues in Social Work Education: A Curriculum Framework

  • Lindsay Gezinski The Ohio State University
Keywords: LGBTQ, Social Work, Curriculum, Constructivism, Heterosexism


This paper will explore a curriculum framework that explicitly addresses the reduction of heterosexism as a means to produce students that are culturally competent of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community. Van Den Bergh and Crisp (2004) place great importance on addressing beliefs/attitudes, knowledge, and skills when broaching culturally competent practice with the LGBTQ population. Beliefs/attitudes, knowledge, and skills in an educational approach will be advocated in this paper. Specifically, the creation of a constructivist environment will be endorsed as a means for students to critically assess their own beliefs/attitudes, knowledge, and skills. A curriculum framework that utilizes classroom activities related to heterosexual privilege, policy, and practice role plays will be discussed. This curriculum framework is intended to prepare social work students to work with LGBTQ clients.

Author Biography

Lindsay Gezinski, The Ohio State University
Lindsay Gezinski is a PhD student at The Ohio State University, College of Social Work.