Child Parent Relationship Training (CPRT): Enhancing Parent-child Relationships for Military Families


  • Staci J. Jensen-Hart Idaho State University
  • Jeff Christensen Idaho State University
  • Lacey Dutka Idaho State University
  • J. Corey Leishman



Child-parent relationships, filial therapy, military families


Military families experience increased stress when facing issues of deployment, separation, and reunification. The increased stress impacts the parent-child relationship as well as child behavioral and emotional well-being. Although recognizing the resiliency of military families, research points to the need to monitor parental stress both pre- and post-deployment and highlights the inherent risks that separation and reunification pose for the parent-child relationship bond. This pilot study was designed to explore the effectiveness of the Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) Training Model as a proactive method of enhancing parent-child relationships, reducing parental stress, and preventing negative impact of military separations on children.

Author Biographies

Staci J. Jensen-Hart, Idaho State University

Department of SOC/SOWK/CJ Associate Professor

Jeff Christensen, Idaho State University

Student, Social Work Program

Lacey Dutka, Idaho State University

BSW, Social Work Program

J. Corey Leishman

Student, Social Work Program