Cultural Sensitivity in ATOD Agencies: Administrator and Staff Perceptions in the Hispanic Heartland

  • David R. Hodge
  • Paul Cardenas
  • Harry Montoya
Keywords: Alcohol, drugs, culture sensitivity, Hispanic, Latino, prevention, administration, ATOD agencies


Administrator and staff perceptions (N = 72) of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) agency cultural sensitivity were explored in a predominantly Hispanic rural area with elevated levels of acculturation and high ATOD usage. While providers generally agreed that a relatively moderate need existed for training related to cultural issues, a more nuanced picture emerged in the purview of culturally- related barriers. Administrators viewed the lack of appropriate interpreters and language as a greater barrier than did the staff. Administrators also held higher perceptions of agencies’ cultural competency. The overall high assessment of cultural sensitivity may result from the substantial number of Latino providers.