Correlates of MSW Students’ Perceptions of Preparedness to Manage Risk and Personal Liability

  • Michael N. Kane
Keywords: Riskmanagement, documentation, career preparedness


Few studies in the discipline of social work have identified correlates of preparedness to manage risk and personal liability among practitioners or students. This study investigated predictors of MSW students’ perceptions of managing personal risk and liability (N=116). Four correlates were identified from the standard regression model that accounts for 43% of the adjusted variance. These predictor variables included: (a) concern and worry about lawsuits (Beta=-.458, p=.00), (b) understanding the fit between client advocacy and managed care (Beta=.328,p=.00), (c) understanding agency documentation requirements (Beta=-.164, p=.05), and (d) perceptions of field preparation for documentation (Beta=.162, p=.05). Implications are discussed.