Leadership in Social Work Education: Sustaining Collaboration and Mission

  • Christine R. Call University of St. Francis
  • Larry W. Owens Western Kentucky University
  • Neil J. Vincent DePaul University
Keywords: Academic leadership, collaborative leadership, social work faculty, social work leadership, social work leadership standards


Little research is available depicting how faculty members experience the leadership style of their academic leaders. This paper reports results from a qualitative analysis of responses of 233 social work faculty members from CSWE accredited programs to an open-ended question about how they experience the leadership style of their current academic unit heads. The analysis incorporates feminist and professional social work perspectives.

Author Biographies

Christine R. Call, University of St. Francis
Associate Professor Department of Social Work
Larry W. Owens, Western Kentucky University
Department of Social Work Assistant Professor
Neil J. Vincent, DePaul University
MSW Program Associate Professor