Indiana University School of Social Work: 90 Years of Professional Education

  • Monique Bush
  • Gerald T. Powers
  • David Metzger
  • Cyrus S. Behroozi
  • Sheldon Siegel
  • Barry R. Cournoyer Professor Indiana University School of Social Work
Keywords: History, Indiana University, social work, education


In this invited article, the authors review the history and development of the Indiana University School of Social Work from its origin in 1911 as a small department to its current status as a large organization offering educational programs to nearly 900 students on five campuses. One of the nation’s oldest, it is the only school to offer the full continuum of social work education from the associate through the doctoral levels. In many respects, the evolution of the School mirrors the experiences of other schools and departments of social work.As such, the article may be enlightening to those interested in the history of social work education in this country.