Sustaining Civic Engagement: Faculty Development, Roles, and Rewards


  • Robert G. Bringle Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • William M. Plater Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Higher Education, Faculty Development, Faculty Roles, Faculty Rewards, Civic Engagement


Civic engagement of students, faculty, and staff is identified as central to the mission of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUJ). Although nearly all of the Campus Compact Indicators of Engagement could be cited as mechanisms through which IUPUJ's civic engagement mission is supported (Bringle and Hatcher 2004), this article will focus on faculty roles and rewards. Following an introduction that describes the university's core mission and values with respect to civic engagement, the discussion will focus on specific policies, procedures, and programs to support faculty roles and rewards for civic engagement. A conceptual framework for faculty development, based on experiential learning theory (Kolb 1984) is used to organize a description of faculty development activities to promote civic engagement.